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Why Your Pizza Place Needs Professional Pizza Photography and How to Do It Yourself

Feb 16, 2023 | pizza marketing, pizza marketing services, pizza place marketing, pizza shop marketing

Having high-quality pizza photography is critical to attracting customers. Mouth-watering photos of your pizza highlighting the freshness, melting cheese, and perfect crust gets people excited about your homemade local pizza pie.

Pizza Photography Professional Image of Pepperoni Pizza Slice


On any potential touchpoint of your prospect or customers journey such as social media (Instagram, Facebook/Meta, etc), website, brochures, etc..  having attractive visuals are a requirement to motivate prospects to order from you.   In case you didn’t know, video is the most engaging medium, followed by photography and text, and lastly just text by itself.  We recommend two options:

Option 1 – Hire an actual local food photographer who knows how to do this already.  Using stock images is a bad idea as it degrades your high-quality local unique pie.  Stock images in this context are also unnecessary when you can take pretty high qualities yourself using option 2 below.

Food photographers relatively easy to find, trying searching on the platforms below:

Option 2 (do this now if you are either using stock photography or don’t have photos at all!):  Take decent pictures of your fresh, local amazing pizza using the smart phone in your pocket.  There is no excuse for not doing this.  As mentioned before, stock images only create problems for you.  We also believe that most times, having something is better than having nothing.

Pizza Photography Candid Image of Margherita Full Pizza Pie

Lastly, if you get some decent to good shots taken you can use these across all of your customer journey touch points (website, social channels, brochures, etc) to build desire and ultimately repeat orders from local raving fans.