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Why You Need to Use PPC Advertising for Pizza Marketing to Drive Awareness and Increase Orders

Feb 17, 2023 | pizza marketing, pizza marketing services, pizza place marketing, pizza shop marketing

High-Level:  Without Aware Prospects Won’t Order From You.

A good pizza marketing strategy should include paid social media ads, or PPC advertising as it allows for geo-targeted placements, guaranteeing to reach your hyper local audience.  You can’t increase pizza sales without people knowing (going from unaware to aware) about your fresh local handmade amazing pies.  Prospects need to be aware that you exist before they will search for you to pickup the phone to place an order (or order online which you should have setup by now).   Even for customers who have bought from you need to be reminded of you every once and awhile; part of your retention strategy.

Another word for paid social media advertising is Pay-Per-Click, PPC advertising.  PPC is cost-effective for a pizza marketing strategy because you only pay when the prospect clicks on your advertisement (Pro Tip: your ad should include a unique offer to increase the likelihood they place an order).


Here are the PPC platforms we recommend:

Recommended social media platforms to use ppc advertising for your pizza business are:

In addition to social media platforms, there are Search Ad platforms that offer PPC ads such as:

Picture of a google search of "pizza places near me" and showing the results.

Most ad platforms allow you to not only target geography (your direct customer base) but also:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Audience targeting (such as sports lovers)
  • Gender

All of these provide an easy and quick way to drive qualified prospects to your amazing pizza shop!


You Must Include Mouth-Watering Photos and a Unique Offer if You Want Them to Order:

The key to successful pizza PPC marketing ads is offering mouth-watering photos of your local homemade fresh pizza pies paired with a trackable enticing offer.   Some of the popular days for pizza PPC advertising are Friday nights, sports game days (weekends), Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, Thanksgiving eve, New Years Eve.

Paid PPC advertising for your pizza business provides a quick and effective way to attract new customers and retain current cutstomers;  you’re paying for traffic on-demand!


If you’re looking to grow your pizza business, schedule a discovery with us to review what your strategy is now and see what tactics might provide you the highest return on investment!